About Joy Hospital

Situated in central Ankleshwar area, Joy Surgical Hospital & Laparoscopy Centre serves over thousands of populations in and around Ankleshwar vicinity including Bharuch, Valia, Netrang, Hansok & Jagadia. The hospital was established in order to provide a state of art technology to the urban and rural population residing around Ankleshwar. Every step that we take is always towards turning ourselves into
one of the best specialists and integrated care unit across the vicinity. We know that in order to deliver excellent high-quality care for our patients we need to have the very best staff working together towards the same goals. Our staff always gets trained by the doctors and even external agencies for making themselves the best with their attitude towards the patients and also towards making themselves stronger technically.

Joy Surgical Hospital & Laparoscopy Center has the best doctors and management team working round the clock to improve the quality of healthcare systems and flows in and around Gujarat. The management team makes sure that the patients and the staff gets the best facilities and infrastructure in order to improve the overall methodologies of healthcare across the society.

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Joy Hospital

Our Vsion

We want to be recognized by our patients, peers and staff as being amongst the best for patient safety, quality, patient engagement and clinical outcomes. Just meeting the minimum standards is no longer acceptable and our patients rightly expect the best care possible. We believe that the staff who are engaged, empowered to carry out their role, well trained, well led and supported are more likely to deliver outstanding care, leading to a positive impact on patient outcomes and an improvement in financial efficiency & that’s clearly our vision when it comes to our methodologies in the hospital. We want to ensure that patients receive care in a timely, convenient, co-ordinated and consistent manner and have a bigger say over their own care and how we work with them to deliver that.

Our Mission

Mission for Joy Hospitals since its existence has been to establish the maximum hospitals across the society so that our society has best possible access to the high-tech surgical services. We follow a holistic approach at our hospital, which means our doctors not just cure one’s existing ailment, but also ensure continuing wellness of the patients. Set up on a 3000+ sq. ft. area, we have a state in art facilities and equipment that is not possibly available in and around quite a radius of Ankleshwar. The location of the hospital has been chosen in order to fulfill our priority mission to be easily accessible to the society.